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Saratoga Springs wanted a destination park that would give it a play area that created a distinctive identity for the town. The result is Neptune Park. With an array of challenging yet age-appropriate equipment, including a 30' tall climbing pyramid, Neptune Park offers children the opportunity to spin, swing, socialize, and climb to new heights. The park is busy every day from the time school gets out until dark.  Designed by the landscape architecture team at JUB Engineers, Neptune Park's  popularity and uniqueness have not gone unnoticed. It has been written up in the Wall Street Journal and cited in Susan Solomon's book, The Science of Play, as well as listed as one of the "50 Best Playgrounds in the United States" by the Early Childhood Education Zone.


City Creek Center has received numerous accolades, including 2012 Retail Development of the Year for the Americas, for its visionary green design and nod to the downtown area's history. Among its many unique features is the City Creek itself. Buried since the 1980s when downtown Salt Lake City was flooded with extraordinary spring run-off, City Creek was not only brought back above ground but made the signature feature of this outdoor mall. Urban Accessories worked with the designers and owners to create functional bridges, trench grates, tree grates, and benches that doubled as works of art. The bronze foot bridges engraved with the pattern of a river current exemplifies this design ethos: They are at once artistic yet serve a commercial purpose as they allow pedestrians to cross the creek to go from store to store.  


Salt Lake County's Evergreen Park has long been one of the most cherished parks in the state of Utah because of its vintage Cinderella-themed equipment.  However, over time, the equipment had grown unsafe and not able to meet current standards. The County decided to give the park a face lift by adding newer KOMPAN Galaxy equipment to the play area while bringing the older equipment up to code. The result is a unique play area that enchants yet challenges children of all ages.


Whether its skiing, kayaking, bouldering, mountain biking, rock climbing or snow boarding, Ogden offers residents and visitors a multitude of high adventure recreational options throughout the year. So, Ogden's Public Works Department didn't have to look far for the theme for its destination park: High Adventure. The Ogden High Adventure Park offers unique swinging and spinning opportunities as well as a variety of climbing choices,  ranging from beginners (2-5 year olds) to older children up to 18 years of age. The child's size acts as a self-governor, because he or she will not be able to climb any higher than their size or strength will allow them to.