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Playground Equipment

Challenging outdoor play is the ideal antidote to overstructured and inactive lifestyles. Providing engaging, challenging, and durable playgrounds ensures that kids play harder, stay longer, and come back more often to satisfy their natural need to play. PlaySpace Designs is committed to making the most of that time on the playground.

KOMPAN’s unique approach to designing playground equipment has enriched children’s play experiences for over 40 years. Founded by a sculptural artist and a child development specialist, KOMPAN produces equipment that blends modern design and exceptional play value.

THE FUTURE OF PLAY: The issues children face today, including epidemic obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles, give greater importance to the development of quality play environments that deliver a variety of play experiences. By designing products that offer children appropriate, safe, and exciting choices on the playground, KOMPAN will continue to lead the way for innovative play.






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